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We recommend routinely vaccinating against tetanus, strangles and hendra virus. Tetanus and strangles can be given in a combined syringe (“2 in 1”), and foals from 3 months of age should have an initial course of three doses, each one 2 weeks apart. Hendra vaccination is given initially from 4 months of age, with two doses a month apart followed by a booster dose 6 months later. All these vaccines are then recommended to be given annually.

There has been some false controversy regarding the Hendra vaccine, particularly in relation to supposed severe reactions to the vaccine. Whilst we acknowledge that occasionally some horses show a significant localised reaction to the vaccine, if properly managed this is of little consequence. Additionally, the benefits of vaccinating far outweigh the catastrophic effect of this disease.

We can also arrange vaccination against other diseases in your horse, depending on use and circumstance. These vaccines include herpes, rotavirus and salmonella. Contact us for further information.