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Shanna holding a black and white border collie dog and smiling at the camera

Shanna Waugh – Veterinary Nurse and Nurse Lead

Favourite coffee order: hot or cold coffee but always with a dash of chocolate

I was Born in Bunbury, Western Australia, where I gained a love for the ocean before moving to Country Victoria at the age of 5. I spent the majority of my formative years there until I moved back to the shoreline of Western Australia as an adult, working FiFo, where I met my partner in the Pilbara on a Drill Rig. He brought me to his hometown on the Sunny Coast to show me the spoils of mountain ranges, crisp winter sunshine and warm ocean water. It’s easy to say the rest is history as we made our home here over 9 years ago.

After trying my hand at many careers and gaining skills in multiple industries over my lifetime, from hospitality and sales to Personal Training and lastly Mining, none have really filled my heart and soul like spending time with animals did. I started volunteering at the RSPCA and after 2 years I was employed full time and loved it. Building relationships with each and every animal, I was able to help them grow and adapt to their changes until they were finally adopted. Working in Animal Welfare is as rewarding as it is challenging, so after 5 years at the RSPCA moving to private practice was a very easy and logical sidestep within the animal care industry for me and just the change I was looking for. I love the small community vibe of Yandina and I feel that within this clinic – providing a personal and family like experience for its clients as well as its staff.

I have 3 very different and beautiful boys…….

  • Toby, aka Toby Wan Kenobi, the Bestest boy in the world – is a 5 year old Border Collie/Kelpie. His demeanour is soft and gentle and you wouldn’t find a nicer dog anywhere! His favourite things are the ball (Number 1, without a doubt), beach and going on new walks with different smells.
  • Mario, aka MarMarz is the most Rascalyist of rascal’s 5 year old Moggie cat who forced us to get crimsafe on our doors and windows – not to keep burglars out, but to keep him in! – His favourite things are exploring by the creek, playing ball with the dogs, and walking across me repeatedly at 3am to subtly tell me its breakfast time – I don’t think so Mario!!
  • Sonny, aka Little Ninnle Nonny Nougat – is a 3 year old Kelpie/Border Collie who is as raucous as they come, crossing between a snuggle bear and the energiser bunny with nothing else in between. He loves any game that involves chasing, stalking and herding, snuggling up really REALLY close and nudging the cat until he agrees to play.

When I’m not on outdoor adventures with my Hubby and our boys you can find me pottering in the garden or tinkering in the kitchen, with a glass of wine in hand, conjuring up a feast for the masses…. or just for myself, both are just as satisfying 🙂